Step-by-Step Action Guide

1. Research your local Re/Max office: office address and location; phone number and fax; names and, if possible, email addresses of the brokers and agents who work there.

2. Call your local Re/Max office. If possible, ask for a specific agent or broker.

Sample phone script:

Hi! My name is [your name] and I'm calling to talk with you about a problem with Re/Max International. Would it be possible to make an appointment to come in and meet with you?

If yes: make an appointment. When you go, bring with you the letter to RE/MAX CEO and ask the person you meet if they would be willing to sign it. Bring also the flier.

If no: continue to engage them on the phone if possible.
"The problem is that while I know your individual franchise has little to do with RE/MAX Israel’s operations, as part of the RE/MAX family you are indirectly and perhaps directly profiting from the sale of illegal properties in a conflict zone."

3. If you are unable to secure a meeting, send by snail mail, email or hand deliver a letter to the office. View Sample letter on our Resources Page

4. Call to follow up on the letter. Explain to the person who answers that if no one is willing to meet with you, you will be organizing informational leafleting outside the Re/Max office.

5. Organize informational leafleting outside the Re/Max office:

  • Take fliers with you. Downloadable 1/2 sheet is available on our Resources Page
  • Prepared chants are available on our Resources Page
  • Bring a clipboard and copies of the letter to CEO Dave Liniger for people to sign.
  • Bring banners and posters and go over talking points

6. Share your action and report back:

Report back on your action by sharing pictures and summaries on social media and by sending thank-you emails to those who participated. You may send your reports to

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    Step-by-Step Action Guide

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