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In June the Presbyterian General Assembly passed a resolution calling on RE/MAX LLC to stop selling illegal Israeli settlement properties in occupied Palestine. Just prior to General Assembly meeting, RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger sent a letter to the Presbyterians saying that RE/MAX LLC would stop earning profits from sales of settlement properties. 

Our impression that Liniger’s statement was hot air was confirmed when RE/MAX Israel CEO Bernard Raskin told an a reporter from Haaretz that his franchise would be continuing “business as usual,” even adding that the Presbyterians’ vote has “zero impact on anything we are doing.” RE/MAX Israel currently operates in all of the large settlements and even has an office in the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumin!

Read the Remodel RE/MAX Campaign’s response to Liniger’s letter!

RE/MAX LLC continues making empty promises while their Israeli franchise blatantly violates international law and Palestinian human rights. This is why we are amping up our Remodel RE/MAX campaign. Last month CODEPINK organized protests outside RE/MAX offices in Los Angeles, California, and Syracuse, New York. Next month we expect to see more protests as the Remodel RE/MAX campaign spreads to cities across the country: from Chicago to Atlanta to Portland, Oregon, and more. Contact Ariel if you would like to organize a Remodel RE/MAX protest in your town or city.

Sign the letter now to RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger!

We know the power of grassroots campaigns for human rights. We saw at the DNC that the movement for justice in Palestine is growing exponentially. With your help we can bring an end to RE/MAX’s involvement in illegal settlements and bring freedom and equality to all people who live in Palestine and Israel.

In peace,
Alli, Ariel, Nancy K., and the entire CODEPINK team

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