Action Guide

How to Plan a Boycott RE/MAX Action at your local RE/MAX

Use our 10-Step Action Planning Guide to plan an action at your Local RE/MAX Office. RE/MAX International operates offices throughout the world, serving as important points of action for making contact, spreading awareness, and leveraging power.

1. Learn about the Boycott Campaign

  • Read the FAQs to understand how boycotts are an essential tool of non-violent activism.
    The goal of doing a local action is to highlight the illegal occupation of Palestine and continue to build public support in opposition to the blatantly exploitative practices of RE/MAX.

2. Find your local RE/MAX Office

  • Find Your Local RE/MAX Office: RE/MAX is a corporate giant and has offices all around the world. This means we can take our movement to their door and tell them directly we condemn their profiting off of settlements in violation of international law.

3. Engage with the Office and Ask them to Advocate to their Higher Ups

  • Go to your local RE/MAX Office and ask to speak with them about RE/MAX International’s selling of illegal settlements. Make it known to them that the RE/MAX brand is endorsing and profiting off the sales of illegal settlements in the West Bank.
  • You can even push this further and try and get a meeting with the head of your local RE/MAX office staff. Tailor our RE/MAx Letter for the specific store and person you meet with, and print. If you can't get a meeting with the manager, serve the letter to a clerk or mail it. Make sure to document what happens!
  • If your local office is not responsive, it is time for direct action. Make sure to record this process.

4. Gather your Allies and Community

  • This campaign is about how we translate the global locally, and make known that the suffering of people in Palestine is connected to communities all around the world, both in complicity with the occupation and in the need for solidarity against it!
  • You know your community, discriminatory housing practices is something locally many communities can relate to, along with histories of displacement and occupation. Allies are important and about building meaningful trusting relationships.
  • For an action, An ideal team has three or more participants. One to take action, another to distract security or talk to management, and a third person to document with photographs or video. Of course, don't be limited by the three people minimum!

5. Scout the Location

  • Check out your local RE/MAX Office and find what would. It is important to tailor your action to what works best for your community. Things to consider include:
    - Where has the most foot traffic?
    - What communities do we hope to be directly engaging?
    - Is safety an issue?

6. Print out our Petition to Deliver and Devise a plan

  • Print our our Petition, a Letter to Chairman Dave Liniger, to deliver to the office
  • Delegating roles is important. As long as you have a team of three or more an action is possible and can have a powerful effect. Important questions to ask include: Who will be responsible for what part of the action? What does the action look like? Who will carry in which supplies? Who will negotiate with security if they show up? Who will talk to media? Who will talk to employees, security, or managers?

7. Create a Press Release and invite the media using the information on our website

  • You can visit CODEPINK's Media Resources page for more help on how to write a press release and strategies for engaging with local media.

8. Get Ready

  • Determine the most effective actions for the location and what you are comfortable doing
  • Leafletting - handing out information to consumers, employees, etc.
  • Make yourself heard: Chant so people on the streets know! Check out our chant sheet for suggestions in our Resources page
  • Create banners and posters. Check out our past actions for clever messaging.
  • Go over talking points again.
  • Have camera battery charged and camera tested ahead of time.
  • Mental preparation: Center yourself in the goal of the action. Most likely, there will be some people who vehemently disagree with this action. Be prepared to face this opposition with your allies, and make sure to always look out for safety. Direct Action is a non-violent tactic that challenges power and it is important to always recenter your message on justice, peace, and solidarity with Palestinians against suffering

9. Take Action and Report Back

  • You've Scouted. You've Prepared. Now you are ready to go!
  • When you are done, share it! We want to know how it went, so people around the world can see, learn and be moved to engage themselves!
  • Send a follow-up thank you email to everyone participated, and email your community with a report back about the action and how people can continue to be involved!
  • Send any photos, videos, news links and report back text to so we can add it to the website!
  • Share your action with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Include links to your photos and

10. Call-In to Your Local Office Until Demands are Met

  • If you were not able to meet with the owner of your local RE/MAX franchise, stage a call-in to their office. Your team should call your local office again and again, until they commit to two things. 1) Forwarding an email to the National RE/MAX Headquarters and 2) Giving you a meeting with the owner of your local RE/MAX.
  • Your team should disrupt business as usual by flooding their phone lines. Time is money and we want to be heard!
  • Use this script for your Local Call-In

Keep up the pressure! A one-time action is great, but repeated actions are even better. Only through community building can we see truly lasting impact. It is important to engage your local community to issues abroad, beyond just isolated actions! It is important for RE/MAX to see this is a global effort against their egregious actions.

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