CODEPINK congratulates the Presbyterian General Assembly and commends RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger

CODEPINK Press Release 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 27, 2016

CONTACT: Nancy Kricorian 646-234-8529

CODEPINK congratulates the Presbyterian General Assembly on passing overture calling on RE/MAX to stop selling properties in Israeli settlements; commends RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger for admitting that profiting from settlement sales is problematic

At its recent meeting, the Presbyterian General Assembly passed an overture calling on real estate company RE/MAX LLC to stop selling properties in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land in violation of international law and official U.S. policy.

CODEPINK’S Remodel RE/MAX campaign, launched in September 2014, calls on RE/MAX to cease profiting from sales and rentals in Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements. Using a variety of tactics, including a letter writing campaign directed at RE/MAX LLC’s CEO and co-founder Dave Liniger, and protests inside and outside RE/MAX conventions and a recent shareholder meeting, human rights advocates around the country have pressured RE/MAX to end its involvement in human rights violations and breaches of international law.

Just prior to the Presbyterian Assembly, the CEO and co-founder of RE/MAX, Dave Liniger, announced in a letter sent to members of the Presbytery of the Redwoods that the company has "recently taken action to ensure that RE/MAX, LLC will no longer receive any income from the sale of Jewish settlement properties in the West Bank."

CODEPINK is pleased Mr. Liniger has acknowledged that RE/MAX’s operations in the occupied territories are both legally and morally questionable. We take his response as a small victory for our campaign. But, we await further steps from RE/MAX to fully extricate the company from Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

RE/MAX should immediately establish and disseminate clear policies and guidelines for all RE/MAX brokers and agents around the globe that include a directive that RE/MAX brokers and agents not sell, rent, or publicize properties that are built on illegally seized land in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem. RE/MAX must also establish that members of the RE/MAX network should not refer clients to brokers and agents who are involved in such illegal properties.


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